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About Naxos Island

When entering the port of Naxos, the first thing that catches your eye is the Temple of Apollo, the most recognizable site on the island. As the sun sets behind the temple, you realize that you have chosen the right place to spend your summer.

History of Naxos Island

Naxos makes history in 1207 when the Venetian Marco Sanudo captured the island''s chief Byzantine castle, T''aparilou, and declared himself Duke of Naxos, ruler over all the adventures who had grabbed the Aegean Islands

Traditional of Naxos Island

It's the largest island of Cyclades, a fertile land with hardworking people that capitalized to the maximum on the natural abilities of the island, agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishing. Citron, potatoes, grapes, wine and cheeses from Naxos are well known.

Activities of Naxos Island

Naxos is full of dozens of dirt roads and trades and small, asphalted roads that offer unique routes for cycling enthuasiasts. The coastal area on the southwestern coast stretching from Agia Anna to Kastraki is an excellent choice.

Festival of Naxos Island

Carnival : The celebrations start on the first Saturday of the Carnival, with the slaughter of pigs and other events. At midday on the last Sunday of the Carnival, in Apeiranthos, Koudounati, (people who bear bells), make their appearance.